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Stellar Soul

Himalayas Crystal Salt Lamp USB LED Moon-Shaped Salt Crystal Lamp

Himalayas Crystal Salt Lamp USB LED Moon-Shaped Salt Crystal Lamp

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1. Wide range of applications It can be placed on the head of the bed in bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms, which can effectively relieve your fatigue and relax your body and mind.

2. After turning on the light, "Schumann Wave" releases anti-radiation and comforts the mood. Produced at the same natural frequency as the human body - Schumann waves, it emits warm light through the spectrum emitted by the translucent crystal structure, which can relieve stress, stabilize mood and promote sleep.
3. When the crystal salt block is heated, it can release negative ions. While purifying the air, it can effectively activate various enzymes in the human body, lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, and enhance immunity.
4. Crystal salt rock The Himalayas were originally an ocean, but after geological changes and high temperature exposure, the ocean gradually disappeared. A large amount of salt (NaC) is deposited on the seabed, and after 200 million years of geological extrusion and high temperature, underground minerals and sea salt eventually form crystalline rock salt. Also known as crystal salt, it releases natural negative ions and inhibits radiation

Product Description:
Item No.: USB Moon Type
Voltage: ≤36V (V)
Style: modern
Light source power: 0.5 watts (W)
Power supply mode: plug in
Material: rock salt
colour: yellow

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